Increase the sale of advertisements in newspapers, radio and television.

A clear objective achieved with, discipline and collaboration

We start with your people!

Our methodolody is based on working closely with you and your advertising sales team.

Working together with your managers we lead, train and motivate your sales team during the entire sales cycle: prospecting, selection, presentation and closing.

We minimize the theory and we maximize the practice.

We "hold your hand" until closing the sale, this is what makes us different from any other consulting or training company you have seen before. It's the Soluciona Ventas way, the WINNING way!

During our programmes nothing is left to chance or improvisation. Our method allows you to work in an organized and efficient environment with the ongoing support and leadership of our experts. We have all the necessary tools to develop your team sales skills and achieve results they never thought were possible.

Meet our worldwide successful sales programme, OPTIMAL EDITIONĀ®!

and, specifically for local online advertising, PRIORITY BRANDĀ®!