More advertising sales.

Soluciona Ventas

In Soluciona Ventas we know how to sell more local advertising.

We help media companies worldwide to generate new local advertisers, recover lost advertisers and increase the revenue from existing advertisers.

Our company specializes in a very concrete "NICHE" SERVICE: Advertising sales at a local level.

In Soluciona Ventas we constantly analyze and select the best marketing practices that are successfully developed in different sectors worldwide and adapt them to the field of selling local advertising

In only 12 weeks, our sales system exponentially increases your sales results transforming your sales team in a powerful sales force.

We are not the typical consultants. In Soluciona Ventas we "hold your hand" throughout the entire sales process... from prospecting to closing.

In Soluciona Ventas we know how to generate new local advertisers and create strategic alliances with you because you are not our client, you are our PARTNER.

Our added value

In Soluciona Ventas we develop sales strategies that improve your sales results and provide value and knowledge for both your organization and your customers.

We invest in results

During our programmes, 20% is theory and 80% practice with your team and potential advertisers. This is the best way to ensure our mutual success. At the end of the day, we are sales professionals like you... we prefer action over theory!

The "before" and "after"

Your sales team will never be the same after working with us. Our programmes create new long-term local advertisers and develop the skills of your sales team throughout the entire sales cycle: prospecting, analysis, presentation, closing and account management.

The generation of new sales revenue from local advertisers and the positive transformation of your sales team are the "footprint" that Soluciona Ventas leaves in each partner.

Our Secret

A disciplined and efficient methodology that will transform your sales department into a powerful sales force. Find out more!

Our management team