More advertisers on radio, newspaper and TV.

Invest in results

Through innovative business systems, Soluciona Ventas helps media companies (radio, print and television) to get more revenue by selling advertising space while complying with the expectations of its advertisers.

Get new local advertisers and retrieve lost advertisers

Our proposal is simple: we do not consider you our client but our partner and we work together to achieve a common business goal. This journey to success starts like this...

Preliminary analysis

The service begins with an analysis of your business situation to identify possible opportunities to work together. This first contact is made through a confidential 15 minutes telephone interview.


If our analysis shows that there is an opportunity to help you sell more local advertising, the next step is to give you a personal presentation in your office. The objective of this 45 minutes meeting is to explain the "diagnosis" that we have made of your situation and the "treatment" that we recommend. You receive this free confidential strategic analysis in a written report. Our only requirement is that the meeting is attended by all decision makers in your organization.


Our sales programme has a duration of 12 weeks and follows a disciplined method where there is no room for doubts or improvisations. We combine personal visits with telephone, e-mail and videoconferencing. The programme includes top quality sales training, coaching and winning commercial strategies.

Our programme will allow you to reach ALL your potential advertisers in an innovative way, giving you a clear advantage over your competitors, in only 12 weeks it will increase exponentially the number of long term advertisers in your station or publication. KNOW HOW!

Added value: the development of your sales force

Vender más y más publicidad.

In addition to increase your sales, Soluciona Ventas provides added value to your sales staff by giving them the best advertising sales training available today, covering the complete sales process: from prospecting to negotiation and closing.

Our experts will create a personalized direct marketing strategy for your organization. Your people will become more efficient and skillful in the art of selling local advertising.

A key objective of our strategy is to comply with the expectations of your local advertisers with the aim of creating a long lasting relationship between you and them.

It is always the right time to sell more advertising... Why wait? Let's TALK!